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27th November 1937

The location of Hitler's speech of 27th November 1937

Adolf Hitler today spoke at the Berlin Technlogy University about the importance of Germany having a splendid capital.

In an outburst of Millenialism, Adolf Hitler today announced his plans for rebuilding Berlin into the capital city that Germany needs and deserves.   Berlin is to be the locus of political and cultural life in Germany.  In the past, Germany has had too many capitals and too many rulers.  Berlin will be the one true capital.  During the first and second Reichs, power was concentrated in one capital, therefore the third Reich must have it’s capital in Berlin, where four and a half million of it’s citizens live.

As part of the process, new buildings must be built, some old ones removed, to create the new Berlin he wanted and that Germany needed.

Therefore, it is my inalterable intention and decision to now bestow upon Berlin the streets, edifices, and public areas it needs to allow it to be fitting and worthy of being the capital city of the German Reich. The size of these facilities and works shall not be calculated to fit the needs of the years 1937, 1938, 1939, or 1940; rather, they shall be determined by the knowledge that it is our task to build a thousand-year city equal to a thousand-year Volk with a thousand years of historic and cultural past for the unforeseeable future lying before it.

During his speech Hitler laid the foundation stone for the Faculty of Defense Technology, the first building to be built as part of the new vision for Berlin.


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