Dec 082012

8th December 1937

Werner von Braun has been testing rockets in Germany. Although the success has been limited, it is clear that they are trying to create ballistic missiles.

A younger Werner von Braun and Rudolf Nebel testing rockets in the early 1930s.

Four A3 rockets were launched, the first two failed dismally when the parachutes deployed early, causing the rockets to crash after only a very short flight, not even making it out to sea.  The parachute system was blamed and replaced with a flare for the next two launches.  These two made it out to sea and landed about a mile offshore, having fired the flare instead of the parachute.

von Braun’s desire to launch ballistic missiles by 1940 has suffered some serious setbacks, we’ll just have to wait and see what comes of these tests in the future.

(side note: the next rocket in the series the A4, will one day be renamed the V-2)

In other news:

Japan has recognised the Franco government as the “sole and legitimate government of Spain”, citing a common cause of fighting communism, shared between them, along with Germany and Italy. A formal ceremony was held in the Spanish legation in Japan on 1st December.

Spain in return has recognised the state of Manchukuo (Japan’s holdings in China).

England’s charities are providing milk for Spain’s hungry, those that have been affected by the war and don’t have sufficient food for the coming winter.

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