Jan 172013

17 January 1938

Here are a series of seemingly unrelated things that all occurred today, but I feel that at some point in the future they may become relevant in some way.

USS Yorktown

USS Yorktown at anchor in the Carribean Sea during her sharkedown cruise. Source: United States National Archive

USS Yorktown, the first of the Yorktown class of aircraft carriers, is undergoing it’s shakedown cruise in the Carribean Sea. Commissioned on 30th September 1937, she is one of the newest ships in the US fleet. She was spotted at anchor today in the Carribean.

Meanwhile the Imperial Japanese Navy has revealed it’s requirements for a new carrier born advanced fighter aircraft to two companies. Nakajima thinks the specifications for the aircraft, 500km/h at 4000m altitude and a climb from sea level to 3000m in 3.5 minutes are impossible. Mitsubishi on the other hand thinks it can be done.  After further talks, Mitsubishi have been asked to proceed with the fighter and drop the bomber project that is currently occupying their R&D department. Mitubishi will now commence work on the A6M Zero.

President Roosevelt today launched the March of Dimes program, a nonprofit organisation to assist mothers and babies, particularly in the fight against polio, from which the President suffered himself, leaving him unable to use his legs. The program asks for donations of a dime at a time.

Japanese foreign minister Koki Hirota today sent a diplomatic cable to the Japanese embassy in the United States. In the message he gave details of the atrocities in Nanking and compared their armies in China to those serving under Attila the Hun. Unfortunately for the Japanese, the cable ws intercepted by the US. The details of the Japanese government’s knowledge of their army’s behaviour in China are now officially documented.


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