Apr 102013

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10th April 1938

Germany has held an election (of sorts) and a referendum. The referendum asked simply whether the people approve a single ticket National Socialist list for the Reichstag. With over 49 million voters, less than 1% rejected the proposal, meaning a staggerring 48.5 million people have submitted to Hitler’s wish that his party be their sole representative in parliament. The voters consisted of 44.5 million Germans and the 4.5 million recent additions to the Reich from Austria.150px-Bundesarchiv_Bild_102-13774,_Adolf_Hitler

Both voter turnout and support for the Nazis surpassed 99%, leaving little doubt of the support for Hitler and his party. There were some small numbers of voters against the proposal, and an even smaller number of informal votes.

The new Reichstag will meet for the first time on 30th January 1939, leaving another 8 months before the changes take effect, but with an overwhelming majority already, it will mean little for the Nazis, only strengthening their mandate.

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